What is Website Indexing & method's to submit your Website to Search Engines

What is Website Indexing & method's to submit your Website to Search Engines

Search engine utilizes system algorithms so as to index your content and therefore the indexing of your content is totally determined by these algorithms. they're necessary for taking into consideration all quality checks and user demands. you'll be able to influence this precise method of Search engine indexing by managing the means your content is discovered. however you are doing this depends on the universal resource locator of your web site.

URLs are completely necessary so as for Search engine's systems to crawl, index and at last show your content in Search. the primary step in each indexing method is however you manage your content discovery by Search engine and you'll be able to introduce a document that may assist you to induce into the Search engine index so as to boost the means you manage the invention of your content.

Metadata or Meta tag

Metadata internet indexing involves assignment keywords or phrases to websites or internet sites at intervals a information tag (or "meta-tag") field, so the web page or internet site will be retrieved with a search engine that's made-to-order to go looking the keywords field.this could or might not involve mistreatment keywords restricted to a controlled vocabulary list. This methodology is usually used by search engine indexing.

XML Sitemap 

XML (Extensible Markup Language) sitemaps, for sites, are collection of site page URLs that causes web indexes to build up an understanding that how this site needs to be Index

Meta Robots Tag 

At the point when web crawler visit any site page they search for this meta robot tag. This tag guides them on the off chance that they are permitted to record this website page or not.


Robots.txt, situated in root catalog of site, is an incredible technique to permit or refuse web indexes from ordering site at huge dimensions.
For example, on the off chance that you need your site not to be indexed by any web search tool; first technique is to insert meta noindex tag (clarified above) in whole site. That could be somewhat riotous and there would be odds of avoiding a few site pages if site isn't dynamic.
In Simple Way it can be say as :-Website indexing is the process of storing data into databases of any search engines. 

How to Submit your Website to Top level Search Engines

Google Webmaster Submission

1. Create an account of Google Search Console.
2. Once sign in, click on “Add a property” link and add your website.
3. You need to Verify your ownership with any of the available method. there are many method. You can choose any of them
4. Click on the site to go to your site’s dashboard.
5. Expand “crawl” on the left, go to “sitemaps,” and add the sitemap of your website. You can find your website sitemap at http://yourdomain/sitemap.xml

Bing Webmaster Submission

1. Create an account of Bing Webmaster’s tool.
2. Add your website url
3. Verify your domain Ownership.
the easiest way is BingsiteAuth File (Upload in the public.html folder on the server) or meta Tag HTML keyword (Add it to …insert code ..

4. Click on the name of the site you just entered.
5. Click on “Configure my site” on the left and then go to “submit URLs” and “sitemaps” section to enter details of your site.

Yandex Webmaster Submission 

1. Make an Account of Yandex Webmaster tool
2. Give your website URL
3. Check Your Domain Ownership 
4. Snap on the name of Site you Submitted 
5. Submit Your "Sitemap.XML File".
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